photo-on-7-28-15-at-8-49-am-2My semester with FDOM was well received and I benefited so much from this beneficial course. The tools most effective in promoting my image in my opinion were probably the Twitter  widgets as they’re really easy means to reach out to communities we do not normally have access to. The tool I feel like was not effective would be the embedded links because I had so much trouble getting them to be present in my blogs. What I would like to include in our blogs would be more hands on work with other bloggers to better examine how other people are branding themselves.

This experience will definitely benefit me in the future as I plan on working in the Public Relations industry and having WordPress knowledge makes me a much more valuable commodity for employers. I can see myself demonstrating this knowledge with future employers as a means to track and observe statistics of certain demographics/patterns that employers might want to know about in order to maximize their business efforts. WordPress is becoming increasingly more used by employers/companies and by being on the forefront of technological advances in the communication field, I feel as if I’m well prepared for the professional workforce. All in all, I think this course is vital for any Mass Communication major who might only be contemplating a career in this related field of study.

The week of November 7th, 2016 was definitely my most lucrative weekly period for my post viewings with a whopping 11 views. My most popular post of the year would be the same post from the week of November 7th with the same 32 views. But I feel like the was not just my most viewed but best piece to date as it was my most well spoken post I’ve produced yet. The only thing that took me by surprise was the total amount of views I’ve had on my posts which totaled to be more than 60 people! Unfortunately I do not have any statistics from any other social media format I use. Attached is a link to me personal Twitter in case you guys care to follow me on my life journey. 


A Final Resort To An Everlasting Concern

acupuncture-needleGrowing up I’ve always had intense, head throbbing migraines that plague me at almost any presented opportunity. According to the Migraine Research Foundation on average “4 million people have chronic daily migraines, with at least 15 migraine days per month.” Inheriting blistering headaches from my mother was not an ideal quality I yearned for but have learned to partially live with this condition, and better manage the severity of my headaches. Out of all of the possible remedies both my mother and I have explored for chronic migraines, acupuncture has been the most effective, natural, and preferred remedy of choice for when we encounter our temple throbbing episodes.

Acupuncture is a technique in which practitioners stimulate specific points on the body, most often by inserting thin needles through the skin. It is one of the practices used in traditional Chinese medicine. Many studies and results have demonstrated that acupuncture substantially reduces pain in accordance to our lower back area, neck, knees, and last but certainly  not least, headaches. Despite being an alternative for headache treatments, clinical practice guidelines are not consistent with acupuncture recommendations. This an many ways may inhibit other people from exploring this type of treatment as they may feel discouraged from seeking this out due to lack of a full clinical understanding. If you’re like myself or my family, where we have tried several other alternatives ranging from painkillers, meticulous dieting, and alternative brain therapy, there really wasn’t a solution that presented satisfactory results (besides painkillers which are addictive, and are terrible for your liver as acetaminophen is filtered through it) as well as acupuncture has.

Acupuncture is a great way to maintain your health as it does not require harmful or obscure substances/products to remedy the problem. It is a natural means to combat undesirable inflamed spots within the body that other measures simply cannot do. With this as an option for various forms of pain treatment, there is hope that people may explore alternative healthcare options when seeking out a more effective way to treat conditions that do not necessarily have a one time treatment process. For information on acupuncture, migraines, clinical studies, and research done behind this ancient study please visit the entailed link I am leaving at the end of this article. 

Savory Rewards


Tonight’s entry is pertaining to food again but this time in regards to actually cooking it! Preparing your own food is much more beneficial than you think and easy to do. As someone who prepares his own meals each and everyday I can personally vouch that preparing your own meals is so rewarding with a vast cornucopia of desirable outcomes. This post will elaborate more on the importance of coming to awareness on dietary approaches which in turn will yield better health making decisions.

By participating in cooking you are increasing your knowledge with foods and how they function. Food knowledge will better equip you with rational decision making that will induce better judgement on the types of foods one should prepare in accordance to the occasion. Cooking your own meals allows you to better properly allocate and portion our food which may lead to refined dietary habits. Another desirable benefit is food safety which means that since you’re cooking the meal yourself, you are more likely to be aware of the ingredients you are using which should ensure that you are utilizing the freshest and most organic.

Food is a necessary construct in our daily lives which is vital for our functions and existence. By engaging in better practices pertaining to preparation of one’s food you are better equipping yourself for lavish dinner experiences and wiser health related decisions. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a challenging feat, it just needs to be approached from a rational, educated, and well observed approach.

Advantages to a wonderful harvest

green beans.jpg

Tonight’s topic of choice will be pertaining to the benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables. I personally engage in growing my own food and have been for the last three years or so. I find it personally rewarding as you literally have the chance to experience consuming (and hopefully enjoying) something you made and preserved from nothing. This post will further enhance understanding of the surplus of benefits that pertains to one’s heath when discussing growing your own produce.

The first benefit addressed would be that growing your own produce yields a much higher concentration of nutrients than those that have traveled several thousand miles to your local supermarket. Another benefiting factor is that you’re able to significantly reduce the amount of pesticides used on your food ensuring that the consumer will have a more organic, healthier option. The cost of production is also significantly cheaper than if you were to go to the grocery store and purchase your produce there. Lastly the task greatly enhances one’s knowledge on veggies and fruits, but also encourages food safety since individuals are catering to their own meal source.

Growing our own fruits and vegetables allows people to savor their hard earned product, but also encourages appropriate portions since most people will only grow what they essentially need. There’s a vast cornucopia of different produce seeds you can purchase for disturbingly cheap at any home gardening store. By engaging in this practice people may significantly raise their health status which most likely may yield a better quality of life/better sense of well being. I encourage you to at least be open minded to it and grow at least one vegetable or fruit to experience the reward(s) for yourselves!

Inner Path to Outer Space (Pt. II)

image.pngHello world! Tonight’s blog entry pertains to a fellow WordPress blogger whose post stood out to me and I felt like it deserved recognition. In reference to my previous blog entry pertaining to Yoga, tonight’s selection is Lily’s (alcoholfree2016) “yoga,Yoga,YOGA” blog post. Let’s examine the workings of our inner path to outer space.

I appreciate the depth to which she explains how she came to reach the practice. She continues to describe in immense detail the benefits of participating in yoga and why it makes her feel the way she does. Her useful tips of knowing our limits, knowing how to overcome our limits, and why flexibility and strength are important. Lastly, the post does a well job of accentuating the importance of breathe and why we as yoga enthusiasts need to integrate this understanding into our daily life to ensure a better sense of well being. Lily truly demonstrates what yoga embodies.

If my previous post was not enough to compel you to pick up the mat and give it a try then i hope Lily’s yoga post certainly motivates or intrigues you to act on that curiosity. Making it to where yoga is a crucial “cornerstone” in her life I can mutual vouch the same outcome as well. Yoga is a fun, and relaxing way to keep up your health conscious endeavors. So be sure to refer to my previous blog entry and to also check out the attached link I have affiliated with this blog. Goodnight!


Jumping into Juicing

image.jpegHello world! Tonight’s blog post edition pertains to juicing and smoothies. There are numerous benefits to drinking prepared fruit and vegetable beverages such as increased cellular energy, radiant skin, bright/amplified eyesight and color, enhanced bone strength, and many many more, I can personally vouch on this topic as being a person who prepares fruit and vegetable smoothies almost each and every day. I think getting into juicing is one of the most easiest ways to ensure maximum intake of necessary vitamins.

A vital reason to hop onto the juicing wagon is that not only do they render excess nutrients but also serve as meal replacers which can help in meal intake as busy people may fall prone to selecting fast food as a convenient meal option. Depending upon your dietary needs and preferences will dictate which kind of juicer one should purchase ranging from Centrifugal force juicers to Wheatgrass juicers. Each of the different blenders  perform various different functions and yield a vast array of results. Dietary needs are taken into account again when considering which fruits and vegetables one might want to blend. A lot of vegetables are abundant in dietary fiber, whereas antioxidants (fruits) usually are prolific in Vitamins A, C, and D along with also serving as beneficial detox agents.

I truly appreciate the versatile nature of blending/smoothies as one can freeze smoothies for later or make various different combinations with fruits and vegetables alike. They serve as an easy way to do prepared weekly meal preparation, ensuring dietary needs in effective increments. Individuals may also go to their local grocery retailer or an organic wholesale establishment to purchase additional supplement to add into their beverages which yield more enriching health benefits. Attached to this blog is a link to copious amounts of smoothie recipes to make sure one maintains a healthy path.