Hello world! My name is Dee, and I am an avid health enthusiast whose aim is to inform and present various mediums through which individuals may fulfill a healthy lifestyle. The reason that this topic was selected is due to the nature of how much it resonates with me, and how participatory I am at engaging in a robust lifestyle. I engage in yoga multiple times a week, both as a student and an instructor at home along with various yoga studios. I also cook most of my meals, and am meticulous about everything that enters my body. I believe our body is a special entity, and that we as individuals must preserve our precious temples.

Together we will explore various aspects of exercise to engage in and be presented valuable information that renders emphasis on health related topics/discussions. For folks who are not sure where to look for information pertaining to a more health conscious lifestyle, or if you’re a rigorous health enthusiast, look no further. My blog posts will entail much about engaging in a non-sededary lifestyle along with other health affiliated discussions.

I look forward to the topics I’ll be sharing, and am ecstatic to promote healthier living for our world. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be health conscious, not just for today, but for a longer, brighter future. Engaging in a more healthy lifestyle can promote a deeper sense of self discipline which may be beneficial for a lot of people. Affiliated with this entry, is a link to my personal Instagram page so that you all may keep tabs on the different aspects of my personal health endeavors via photographs. photo-on-7-11-15-at-12-47-pm



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