Essential Oils as an essential life tool

imageLately I’ve been infatuated with essential oils. Not only are they extradorinaiy fragrant, but they render many health benefits. There are more than 90 different types of oils and each of them serves individual functions. I can personally vouch first hand the surplus of benefits that oils induce since I’ve been using them extensively within the last two months to investigate myself what the hype was all about.

The essential oils usually come in small, cylinder shaped glass containers weighing approximately 15 ml of the given oil. You may apply the liquid directly onto the skin, place into an oil diffuser to disperse the oil throughout designated areas, or cusp your hands with the oil placed in the center of your palms and one may inhale the aroma which usually serves as an excellent antihistamine. Depending upon which kind of oil you get will dictate how you going about the application. For mine I started off with Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Patchouli essential oils. Eucalyptus bears excellent skin regeneration properties so I would directly apply the oil onto my skin or mix with my facial care products. My lavender oil I would either apply directly onto my skin or place within a diffuser and marvel at the noticeable aroma and effects of the induced lavender.

I would highly suggest for anyone who has not had experience with essential oils as they work wonders ranging from antiseptics, antibacterials, skin regeneration, antihistamines, etc. Essential oils may be purchased online, at local farmers markets, most grocery retailers, or any organic distributors. Enthrall yourself in aromatic bliss and health surplus. Attached to this blog edition is a link with various different types of essential oils and the specific benefits they render.


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