Inner Path to Outer Space (Pt. II)

image.pngHello world! Tonight’s blog entry pertains to a fellow WordPress blogger whose post stood out to me and I felt like it deserved recognition. In reference to my previous blog entry pertaining to Yoga, tonight’s selection is Lily’s (alcoholfree2016) “yoga,Yoga,YOGA” blog post. Let’s examine the workings of our inner path to outer space.

I appreciate the depth to which she explains how she came to reach the practice. She continues to describe in immense detail the benefits of participating in yoga and why it makes her feel the way she does. Her useful tips of knowing our limits, knowing how to overcome our limits, and why flexibility and strength are important. Lastly, the post does a well job of accentuating the importance of breathe and why we as yoga enthusiasts need to integrate this understanding into our daily life to ensure a better sense of well being. Lily truly demonstrates what yoga embodies.

If my previous post was not enough to compel you to pick up the mat and give it a try then i hope Lily’s yoga post certainly motivates or intrigues you to act on that curiosity. Making it to where yoga is a crucial “cornerstone” in her life I can mutual vouch the same outcome as well. Yoga is a fun, and relaxing way to keep up your health conscious endeavors. So be sure to refer to my previous blog entry and to also check out the attached link I have affiliated with this blog. Goodnight!



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