Advantages to a wonderful harvest

green beans.jpg

Tonight’s topic of choice will be pertaining to the benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables. I personally engage in growing my own food and have been for the last three years or so. I find it personally rewarding as you literally have the chance to experience consuming (and hopefully enjoying) something you made and preserved from nothing. This post will further enhance understanding of the surplus of benefits that pertains to one’s heath when discussing growing your own produce.

The first benefit addressed would be that growing your own produce yields a much higher concentration of nutrients than those that have traveled several thousand miles to your local supermarket. Another benefiting factor is that you’re able to significantly reduce the amount of pesticides used on your food ensuring that the consumer will have a more organic, healthier option. The cost of production is also significantly cheaper than if you were to go to the grocery store and purchase your produce there. Lastly the task greatly enhances one’s knowledge on veggies and fruits, but also encourages food safety since individuals are catering to their own meal source.

Growing our own fruits and vegetables allows people to savor their hard earned product, but also encourages appropriate portions since most people will only grow what they essentially need. There’s a vast cornucopia of different produce seeds you can purchase for disturbingly cheap at any home gardening store. By engaging in this practice people may significantly raise their health status which most likely may yield a better quality of life/better sense of well being. I encourage you to at least be open minded to it and grow at least one vegetable or fruit to experience the reward(s) for yourselves!


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