photo-on-7-28-15-at-8-49-am-2My semester with FDOM was well received and I benefited so much from this beneficial course. The tools most effective in promoting my image in my opinion were probably the Twitter  widgets as they’re really easy means to reach out to communities we do not normally have access to. The tool I feel like was not effective would be the embedded links because I had so much trouble getting them to be present in my blogs. What I would like to include in our blogs would be more hands on work with other bloggers to better examine how other people are branding themselves.

This experience will definitely benefit me in the future as I plan on working in the Public Relations industry and having WordPress knowledge makes me a much more valuable commodity for employers. I can see myself demonstrating this knowledge with future employers as a means to track and observe statistics of certain demographics/patterns that employers might want to know about in order to maximize their business efforts. WordPress is becoming increasingly more used by employers/companies and by being on the forefront of technological advances in the communication field, I feel as if I’m well prepared for the professional workforce. All in all, I think this course is vital for any Mass Communication major who might only be contemplating a career in this related field of study.

The week of November 7th, 2016 was definitely my most lucrative weekly period for my post viewings with a whopping 11 views. My most popular post of the year would be the same post from the week of November 7th with the same 32 views. But I feel like the was not just my most viewed but best piece to date as it was my most well spoken post I’ve produced yet. The only thing that took me by surprise was the total amount of views I’ve had on my posts which totaled to be more than 60 people! Unfortunately I do not have any statistics from any other social media format I use. Attached is a link to me personal Twitter in case you guys care to follow me on my life journey. 


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