About Me

My name is Dee and I’m a Mass Communication student attending Texas State University. All of my posts are original and are derived from my personal interests along with my infatuation with ideal healthy living. After living in Austin, TX for almost three years the cities lifestyle seemed to carry with me thus facilitating my passion for health. I feel now that it is my sole responsibility to lead, encourage, and facilitate good health practices.

I’m heavily involved with music on every facet imaginable. Ranging from psychedelic rock to progressive death metal, I perform various genres of music with several projects within the central Texas area. I also yield solid production value with my solo project using software such as FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic, etc. You can check out my solo work under my pseudonym ‘Indigo Boy’ on Youtube, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.

Lastly my deep embedded tendencies with people also fuel my interactions with others. I’m always seeking to meet different kinds of people through which I may experience new life feats. My innate urge to perform for people and travel infuse to make me truly special. For features, bookings, interviews, or any other music related inquiries contact me at deeweweh@yahoo.com.